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Technology and Media Contracts

According to one leading insurer, nearly 49% of professional indemnity claims they receive from technology companies arise from a contract breach.

This is often down to poorly worded contracts which can lead to misunderstandings between suppliers and their clients. Smaller businesses can also often feel pressured into signing customers' contracts or terms and conditions without feeling able to challenge or even review specific clauses.

With this in mind Hiscox have worked closely with DLA Piper, to produce a plain language, contracting supplement, entitled “Contracting Hints and Tips.”

The guide:

  • defines key contracting terms such as “indemnity”, “contract variation” and “warranty”
  • explains the potential risks associated with components and stages of contracting
  • offers troubleshooting advice for customers in case of a dispute or breach of contract
  • spells out the rights and protections contracts offer signatories
Whilst the guide is tailored to the IT and Media industry, many of the tips can be employed by any small business entering into contracts.

If you would like a copy of this guide then please email richard@bensons.co.uk to request.

Posted On 31 August 2011 | 0 Comments