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Theft of Lead

The insurance industry has seen a large increase in the theft of lead from buildings over the past couple of years.

Warnings come from insurers that, whilst we are still enjoying relatively good weather conditions, this is the time that the theft of lead is more likely to take place. Community buildings such as village halls and churches are most vulnerable as well as dental and doctors’ surgeries.  It is also an ideal opportunity for you to carry out a simple visual inspection of your roofs, which can be done from the ground or from an upstairs window. If your inspection reveals lead has been stolen it is important for repairs to be left to the experts. Without these checks, theft of lead only becomes apparent following a heavy downpour when the resultant water ingress indicates a problem with the roof and subsequent inspection reveals theft. By then the leak can cause further damage.

We ask you to remain vigilant with security and general maintenance at all times but particularly when activity is heightened during the holidays

Posted On 31 August 2011 | 0 Comments